Datexis Digital guarantees the
reliability of your company's databases

In a Gartner survey of 600 large and medium-sized businesses in the United States, Europe and Australia, 75% of companies admitted that inaccurate customer data had a negative financial impact on their business.

Datexis Digital is committed to its customers to improve the quality of data.

Good business data starts with a good data hygiene policy

In a world that uses Big Data, good data hygiene is essential!

Data cleansing is a value-added process that allows businesses to save time and increase the efficiency of their marketing operations.

Datexis provides its customers with its experience and tools to improve and maintain the quality of its customers’ databases.

Datexis Digital offers many exclusive tools for
cleaning, formatting, and validation of customer data.

Postal data management optimizes
the marketing expenses of our customers.

Our processes also provide geolocation and IRIS codes.

Datexis Digital offers the following services to its customers:

  • Global Restructuring, Standardization and Validation Processing (RNVP);
  • Deduplication and duplication around the world. Tip for processing duplicates. Definition, first of list, aggregation of duplicates etc;
  • Analysis of mail returns (Topage NPAI) and redemption of new addresses.
Datexis Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing


We support large clients such as DELL as an expert in postal data on Europe, North America, and Asia. We automatically handle more than four hundred million international postal data per week and manually tens of thousands of data.

We have established partnerships with major marketing companies such as MRM Worldwide and MERKLE.

Our client KUBOTA has connected its data entry portals (customer contacts, postal addresses, telephones and e-mails) on our web services. Our tools provide input assistance and postal and e-mail validation for all Europe as a preventive measure. In this way, we minimize possible data entry errors by the dealer or sales network.