Datexis Digital, a team of experts
customer, postal and email data, B2B and B2C

Our values

Firmly focused on the human, Datexis Digital has made since its creation the choice to place interpersonal relationships at the heart of its professional approach.


A company that is resolutely human-oriented, Datexis Digital has made the choice since its creation to place interpersonal relationships at the heart of its professional approach. As such, we always take the time to listen to and understand the needs of our customers before to offer them services adapted to these and customized for each request. Within our company, this corporate policy positions the needs of our employees at the center of our reflections. We strive to always offer optimal working conditions and a continuous recognition of the professional qualities as personal needs of each one. This also allows us to surround ourselves with the best experts in the context of lasting relationships or the time of a service. We are committed to never sell a service, but to offer added value to our customers. Our employees are never constrained to financial goals.


To always have innovative and powerful tools, Datexis Digital has made the choice since its inception to invest heavily in R & D. More than 25% of our turnover is reinstated in this position, allowing us to be recognized as a young innovative company by many players in the field of data quality. 

We are always looking for new solutions and new ideas to offer optimal quality and new tools to our expertise. 

This policy is also supported by institutional players such as the Public Investment Bank.


We have chosen to form close partnerships with major players in the field of computing in general, data quality and marketing in particular. These partnerships are the fruit of a joint work and a desire to place ourselves in a fabric of expertise allowing us to answer all the problems. These partnerships, created with our subcontractors, our customers, or the partners of our customers, are the demonstration of an excellent horizontal integration of our company in the global approach of the quality of data. We are pleased to have prestigious players such as Dell, MRM Worldwide, Merkle, and Yoocan among our partners.

The company

Datexis Digital has more than 15 years of experience, expert in the field of data quality, in CRM applications and particularly in the field of the quality of email addresses and postal addresses. It was created by two passionate about the field, Didier BLOUZARD and Eric LEMAIRE.The human dimension of the company makes of Datexis Digital a flexible, dynamic interlocutor and attentive to the needs of its customers.

It responds quickly and best to the expectations of its customers regarding the validation, restructuring and standardization of their data. Datexis Digital is an international company. Its software tools are indeed proposed and adapted to the majority of the continents: Europe, Asia, North America. Our teams are continually looking for the best references and partnerships in all the countries of the world.

The Team

Didier Blouzard
Eric Lemaire
Agnieszka Tomczyk
Sales Manager