Parsing, or parsing, is a technique consisting of the analysis of a flow in input. The parsing allows for example to segment the flow into characteristic elements. It can also be used in combination with one or more models (patterns), used to extract data from the corresponding stream for manipulation. Combined with crawling, it becomes a powerful tool for matching and enriching data.


Web crawlers are crawlers for recursively exploring data stored on one or more websites. They are associated with farm licenses, both for the program itself and sometimes for the external sites. Datexis has various customizable crawlers, as well as operating licenses for many major web players. Crawling is used to recover data in order to improve the quality of our clients’ databases (by matching for example) or to enrich them on these bases.


Poorly mastered emailing can have disastrous consequences on the deliverability of your infrastructures. Datexis with reliable routing solutions can offer your communications an escape channel to maintain contact with your customers and prospects. At the same time, our deliverability experts will review your databases and routing infrastructure to restore your deliverability.


Matching is a form of prior filtering of data during the search phase. It can, in some ways, be related to Parsing, but will differentiate itself by the search for correspondence or complementarity. It therefore requires data input to find the answer to a wait. For example, it will prove extremely useful to extract from a CV database those whose skills, experience, location or claims match an offer.

Self & natural enrichment

Data Enrichment is one of the keys to effective pre-sales, sales, or loyalty campaigns. Having relevant, reliable and up-to-date information is essential today. Our own databases and tools enable us to enrich our clients’ databases. We can improve a channel (email recovery, for example), add a new one (phone append, for example), or just make usable data too partial to be (find, on the basis of an email, the all data relevant to a successful campaign, from the postal code to the first name of the contact).


If you do not have reliable routing means for your communications, whether physical or dematerialized. Managing constantly updated mail databases and routing more than two billion emails a year, Datexis has valuable expertise in providing efficient routing solutions to its customers.