Datexis, the email deliverability expertise

Datexis Digital offers tools and services to significantly increase the quality of your customer contact databases and stabilize them. We also support you in your emailing practices and monitoring of your campaigns.

Cleaning and recovery of quarantined emails

Our experience shows that quarantine databases include a large proportion of valid contacts wrongly classified as non-deliverable. The use of a quarantine database is essential to correctly route your actions, and avoid impacting your deliverability – We have already been confronted with critical cases in which the deliverability was so degraded that internal emails to the company were refused by the receiving servers.

Regular analysis of your quarantine database helps to maintain your deliverability, but also and especially to reacquire non-deliverable contacts for the wrong reasons. A customer in quarantine unjustified, it is a lead (and therefore the turnover) lost … Our tools allow us to recover, in general, 5 to 25% of your quarantine. In the case of poorly tuned routing tools, this rate rises rapidly to 30 to 50%.

We also accompany you in the reintegration of “good” quarantined contacts, in order to maintain your deliverability.

Analysis of routing tools emails and escape channels

We work directly on your routing tools to analyze the configuration and provide solutions to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. We work on the reputation of your senders, the deliverability, the flows, the blacklists, the trace email, etc, and accompany you to maintain or restore the quality of your routings.

We also propose to route your campaigns by our own means to benefit from our deliverability. We run nearly two billion emails annually, with an average deliverability of over 99%. If the reputation of your sending servers is degraded, our tools allow you to restore it and maintain your online visibility with your customers. We also routinely route external acquisitions to avoid impacting your deliverability.

Audit & Consulting in emailing strategy

The quality of your contact database data being the key element of the effectiveness of your emailing practices, we perform audits to extract disrupters deliverability and reputation of sending servers.

Our audits take place in two phases:

  • The passive phase, non-intrusive for the end customer, makes it possible to deduplicate, correct erroneous emails that can be retrieved, and finally extract a large part of the bounces.
  • The active phase, during which we run through our own channels one or more of your campaigns, allows for an active cleaning of the remaining bounces and an advanced analysis of the effectiveness of your campaigns, without impacting your deliverability.